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Marti Ash

Macon-Hall Elementary School8

Shelby County, TN | Shelby County


February 23, 2015

Out of state parent tried to reach out to the principal at Macon Hall Em. She never return my call or email. Currently filing a complaint.

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January 6, 2015

Unwelcoming and does not support parental involvement of children's education. This is a Title 1 school, therefore parents have the right to know, participate, and observe classroom instruction.

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July 23, 2014

I always liked this school and had wonderful teachers until last school year 2013- 2014. Last year my son was in 4th grade with a new teacher who was quite unorganized. My son has been in the spelling bee every year and won the spelling bee last year. This year 3 days before the last day of school, he was stabbed in the back with a pencil by a student name Garyk and the kid denied it so didn't get in trouble at all. The teacher didn't even call me to tell me about what happened. I got a call from the nurse at 3:30, but it happened at 9:30am. The parents of the Garyk weren't even notified until I complained with the principal about it. I am so glad my son is going to a different school next school year. My son had perfect attendance, but I didn't send him back after that. The kid was mad because my son stepped on his pencil box by accident and broke it the day before. When the incident happened, Garyk raised his had to use the restroom and while on his way, he stopped behind my son and my son said "why are you stopping behind me" and the kid said to do this, and stabbed him with a pencil. I pray for the safety of theses kids, because it is getting pretty bad nowadays.

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April 2, 2014

My Granddaughter has attended Macon Hall Elementary School for 3 years. The principal, vice-principal, counselor, 4th grade teacher and APEX teacher have been excellent. They are very caring and dedicated educators that have the students best interests at heart.

July 31, 2013

I'm all about good schools ,when my husband and I were searching for a home that was top on our list. I'm so pleased that we have 3 children attending Macon hall and we all love it.Everyone is so nice and the school itself is awesome.

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April 19, 2013

The only reason I'm giving this school 1 star is because I have to give a rating. I moved to this area and transferred my daughter here based on reviews from friends who have kids enrolled there. WORST MISTAKE EVER! My daughter was being bullied by a classmate and the teacher and staff claimed to be concerned, but never did anything about it. It escalated to my daughter being slapped in the face. LAST STRAW! The students are treated like they are in jail, there were never any field trips and they are made to sit and eat in silence for lunch and are punished if they talk. I had hopes based on the fact that the principal was my elementary school principal, but I think their time has passed and they need to retire. My daughter began failing and acting out of her character and when I fianlly figured out why, I made the decision to move and get her back into her previous school. I have been 100% disappointed in the staff at the school, from the top down. I've heard that this school has drastically changed from previous years. I'm just glad I was able to get her out of there before it was too late. My child has rebounded and is finally back on track since leaving.

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January 19, 2013

This school is awesome! My special needs child has thrived at Macon Hall. Their teachers are very caring and the children are great. The only problem I have with this school is the front desk staff, who have somewhat of an attitude, but the principal and vice principals are great,

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November 20, 2012

This is my daughter's second year at Macon-Hall. We moved here from overseas, and the teachers have been phenomenal. She is blossoming from a shy girl to one who is gaining confidence and excelling academically. The principal is great, too. She promptly took action when there was a problem with another student last year and is very accessible. The only two negatives I would give is the lunch schedule (due to number of students?) and the attitude of the ladies in the office. They could you some customer service training.

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March 12, 2010

We lived in the city and needed to move to the county. I was really nervous because I know that in Cordova, there are so many different schools. So I used this site when we looked at homes to see the school zone at each address and that's how we finally settled into this school and home. I am so very pleased. My daughter is in Kindergarten there and she cries if I make her stay home because she is sick. She just adores her teacher and the entire school. We have been nothing but pleased and they do so much for the kids. Couldn't be happier with our decision.

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February 3, 2010

The school has a great principal but some of the teachers arent so great... As a parent hope u get lucky and get a good teacher theres only a hand full the rest of the teachers arent so great

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January 29, 2010

I love this school and it is very educating the principle is great and truly knows every child by name

Submitted by a student

September 22, 2009

We came to Macon hall after an awful experience in another shelby co school, it was the best desicion i have ever made. we went from struggling with bordem and behavior issues as a result of that to her saying 'I cant wait till summer is over so I can go back to school!' my daughter makes principles list every term! and we have gone from phone calls 3x a week to NONE in the whole year! the parents are great and involved! the kids are great, the learning level is amazing! this is a WONDERFUL school! SO HAAPY HERE!

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August 10, 2009

Macon Hall is an excellent school. I have 3 children who've been students there and my family loves it. The principal is great and, truly, knows every child by name and can identify the parents and to which child they belong. Excellent instruction from teachers who care about teaching and the child's success. Now, this school does not 'baby' children but let them know their self-worth and cultivates their mind by teaching children to think, reason, and make decisions. As an educator, myself, I value education, delivery, and the culture of the school. Macon Hall is a winner in all 3 categories.

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February 7, 2009

My daughter has had the honor to attend Macon-Hall for 6 years. It seems like yesterday when I left her with her Kindergarten teacher.Today, we are in the 5th grade enjoying our remaining days at this wonderful institution. Every year has been filled with creative learning, lasting friendships, and educators that care for the students as if they were their own. My gratitude can never be expressed in words for the well rounded education my daughter has received. I tip my hat to each instructor at Macon-Hall and am grateful for your commitment to our future leaders!

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February 3, 2009

Macon-Hall is an awesome school in every way! After having two children attend Macon-Hall, I can honestly say that you could not find a better education for your child. The teachers are dedicated professionals who truly know how to teach every child. They are warm and nurturing. They have high expectations for all students, but work hard to meet all the individual learning styles and needs of so many students. The entire staff at Macon-Hall is involved in each child's total education, and the principal, amazingly, knows every child in the school. I would unequivocally recommend this school for anyone living in this area.

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